Founded in 1984, after years of carve, has become the domestic engineering machinery accessories industry the most competitiveness and development potential of the production of four round area, set casting, forging, machining and heat treatment for the integrated enterprise. Odd tree enterprise under Quanzhou Qixing Machinery Co., Ltd. (joint venture), Yongchun Jiangnan Casting Co. Ltd, Jinjiang Lijing Automobile Fittings Co., Ltd. Qixin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Qilong Machinery Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Shenyang, Ningbo branch 12 wholly owned subsidiary companies. The company has fixed assets of 150000000 yuan, the total assets of 250000000 yuan, the existing staff of 1200 people, through professional training, including senior engineering and technical personnel 25 people; the company covers an area of more than 10 square meters, has a 1250T, 1600T, 2000T, 3500T, 4000T precision press, 10 forging production line, CNC lathes and other more than 500 Taiwan (set), small precision processing equipment, manufacturing process, technology and equipment, detection means all occupy countrywide top-ranking level.

Company main products: excavator, bulldozer, track, driving wheel, roller, guide wheel, sprocket and other engineering machinery parts and tire bolts, U bolts, torsion rubber core, parallel shaft and other auto parts. With an annual output of four round 350000, 30000 track assembly. Products are exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States, enjoy high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

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